Insure Heaven facilitates high performing sales leads for the ever-growing insurance industry. We help agents, brokers and carriers to connect with high quality leads so that they can sell more. We shorten the process of finding leads so that they can focus on their sales instead of looking for new leads.

We have the largest lead database which is updated on a daily basis.
Are you ready for your phones to ring?

Prospect fills out form by calling us or on our website

Our call center agent contacts and qualifies the prospect

This qualified prospect is then transferred to your sales team.

Improve Your Sales

High quality warm transfer for Agents

We provide exclusive sales leads which connects a prospect with a salesperson instantly on phone.

Our team of professionals gather leads using different channels like online marketing over the internet (SEO, PPC) and also use offline channels like Radio, Print, TV to generate the hot transfer leads.

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Creating Limitless Possibilities

Why use Insure Heaven?

  • Custom-Target Filters
  • High Close Rates
  • 24/7 Account Access
  • Fast Lead Delivery
  • Top Notch Customer Service
  • Guaranteed Fresh Leads

Insure Heaven Warm Transfer

  • Get Started Instantly
  • Guaranteed Highest QualityWe provide premium leads and calls which are fresh.
  • Custom TargetingOur technology has advanced filters so that you can find leads according to your wish and achieve best results.

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Customer Testimonials

  • Surely the best in warm transfer. I highly recommend Insure Heaven to new and skilled agents. Their service helped me expand my business. Most of the leads are fresh and connected, so easy to close.

    Danny Robertson
  • Many thanks for all the leads. I have actually been closing a great deal of them. I hope it continues. The only feedback I would certainly offer is that I want more of your leads since I’m closing nearly all of them.

    Paul Thrash
    Elkhart, IN
  • Insure Heaven outperforms all other lead providers. We are able to close almost 50% more volume and the leads we get to have a substantially greater close rate. With the higher volume and superior quality, we receive from Insure Heaven, our return on lead investment is more than double the return we get from any other online lead source. Highly recommended!

    Jeff Schmidt
  • Your leads are wonderful!! I would highly recommend Insure Heaven to all those who are looking for new leads on a daily basis. The data is fresh and half cooked, if you are good sales person you can easily close these warm leads! Thanks so much

    Karl Kurtz
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